Many Thanks To Rio Grande!

Many Thanks To Rio Grande!

The team at G&S Jewelry Mfg wish to give our heartfelt thanks to our colleagues at Rio Grande for posting a link and an article of our recent World’s Greatest Television appearance.  This program highlighted our abilities in all phases of investment casting of jewelry and was first broadcast on the ION channel in April 2018.

Investment Casting

Rio Grande has been a wonderfully cooperative vendor to our company and an excellent source of equipment, materials and supplies. In addition they are a terrific wealth of knowledge to successfully produce exceptional jewelry.

Rio Grande Neutec J 15 Enclosed Chamber Vacuum Investment Caster e1494782801764 225x300 Many Thanks To Rio Grande!
Enclosed Chamber Neutec J-15 Caster

3D Printing

Based upon a recommendation from Rio Grande; G&S selected a B9 3D printing system. To date it has exceeded our expectations. Our reasons were based upon the following criteria: First it prints masters with smooth surfaces and sharp definition. Second, the software package is user friendly. Third, high speed printing. Furthermore the multiple resolution setting options for printing objects such as tools and fixtures that do not require high resolution. In comparison, other printers are much slower due to their hardware design. Consequently problems may not be recognized for hours. In contrast problems encountered in the B9 are addressed in a much shorter time frame. The designers certainly recognize that “Time is money”

B9 3D Printing 225x300 Many Thanks To Rio Grande!
B9 3D Printer

Laser Engraving

G&S needed to add laser engraving to our capabilities.  As a result we consulted with Rio Grande for their recommendation. Consequently we tested and selected their Neutec LIGHTScribe 20W engraver. It has delivered even more performance than we have anticipated. We have added tooling and fixturing to the platform. As a result our precision and throughput have probably increased by a factor of four.

Light Scribe Laser Engraver 225x300 Many Thanks To Rio Grande!
Neutec LIGHTScribe 20W Engraver

High Speed Part Separation

Our business growth dictated a need for a high speed part separation tool.  Once again the tech team at Rio Grande provided us guidance to a solution. Their part separator allows us prompt separation of charms, links, and beads. Finally it thoroughly rinses the media in an enclosed bin for ease of handling and restoration. To their basic system we have added a water filtration and recycling system. This system captures the metal bearing effluent. This effluent is then dried and sent out to a smelter for recovery. Most noteworthy for us desert dwellers, the water usage is significantly reduced.

Neutec Wet Part Media Separator e1493575689340 225x300 Many Thanks To Rio Grande!
Neutec Wet-Media Flow Separator


Rio Grande has been a terrific company to work with in all areas of investment casting jewelry manufacture. We appreciate their sincere interest and support of our business activities. Therefore we can recommend them without reservation to all jewelry manufacturers big and small.