G&S Jewelry Development Center Open For Business!

The G&S Jewelry Development Center is open for business at last!

We are very pleased to announce that our Jewelry Development Center is open for business. We are frequently approached by customers for support in developing a new piece or a whole new line. It is important to realize that there are many steps from ideation to creation. With this intention in mind, we try and compress this process down to a short time interval. To demonstrate our commitment to this process we felt it necessary to closely locate all the necessary equipment in one compact location. This permits us to go through the steps with our customers in detail. In particular, advances in mobile communications and internet meeting permit “face-to-face” meetings from thousands of miles away.

The information below provides a virtual tour of our capabilities! What you will see will include:

our use of lasers, Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) , 3D Printing, and automatic controlled intuitive systems.

Laser Engraving


Laser Engraving Ring 1 300x225 G&S Jewelry Development Center Open For Business!
Neutec 20W Laser Engraving A Wedding Band

Laser Welding

Laser welding is an excellent technique in jewelry manufacturing. It is very precise and therefore useful for small work without disturbing large components. For example; routinely broken jewelry components accept laser welded repairs. In addition small elements of a different metal into a design. Namely karat gold is welded into a sterling silver base. Moreover, the explicit contrast in color with corresponding attention to cost and ease of use adds to the designers’ toolbox.

LaserStar Laser Welding Machine 300x282 G&S Jewelry Development Center Open For Business!
LaserStar Welding Machine

CAD 3D Renderings

CAD technology delivers the imaging and key properties such as size, volume, clearances to the designer. Making informed decisions on weights and therefore cost, are important factors for pricing.

CAD Design 300x225 G&S Jewelry Development Center Open For Business!
CAD Image – Letter Charms

Interactive Design

Using the power of digital communication; design changes can be made working from afar. Or we can sit with you in our design lab and handle it one on one.

Ideation Picture 300x170 G&S Jewelry Development Center Open For Business!
Letter Charm/Tag Designed By YOU!

Precision Control Riace Wax Injection System

We added a Riace Wax Injection system to our design center. This allows us to evaluate the correct settings for injection prior to turning out to Production. Just another step in development!

3D Printing System

3D printing adds a new depth of capability. Consequently very complex parts can be grown literally from the “ground up”!

3D Printing a Master Piece 300x225 G&S Jewelry Development Center Open For Business!
G&S 3D Printing System Growing A Cylindrical Design

Model Master CAD-CAM Milling for Masters

Milling produces traditional flat items such as charms, pendants and buttons with ease. Driven by a variety of CAD programs the milling machine cuts wax and butterboard precisely to make masters.

Metal Master CAD Master Milling System 300x225 G&S Jewelry Development Center Open For Business!
Model Master Milling Machine

Let us help you make your dreams into a reality! Click here more information?

Our Biker Rings Are Ready To Ride

Our Biker Rings Are Ready To Ride! Summer is right around the corner. That means it’s time to gear up for the open road. Short pipes, V-Twins and two wheels. Heaven on earth.

Our Biker Rings Mean Business

Silver plated silicon bronze construction means durability for the open road.  Inlay with enamel or stone, whatever your taste. We have many styles to choose from, so you will have a bunch of happy bikers! Here are a few of our most popular styles!


BR74 1 Our Biker Rings Are Ready To Ride
Silver Plated Maltese Cross Biker Ring


BR110 1 Our Biker Rings Are Ready To Ride
BIKER Ring Leaves No Doubt

Our state-of-the-art equipment delivers excellent investment castings. The Neutec division of Rio Grande supplies much of the precision equipment used in our facility. Incidentally they are a terrific resource for information about casting and jewelry making.

Grinding, tumbling and polishing of the castings completes the casting process. Afterward silver plating and inlay complete the process and return a beautiful ring that will last a long time. Of course competitive stainless steel rings are cheaper. Because they are stainless steel, they don’t have the same shine as a result.

Our Biker Rings – Made in the USA

Regrettably, overseas  manufacturers produce these stainless steels rings. Ironically these rings are often copies of our copyrighted designs! In fact, ALL of our biker rings are made in the USA. As a consequence we can be easily reached.

Whether worn on the first, second, third or fourth fingers; flashing fellow bikers on the down low brings more prestige. Be that as it may, ultimately how you wear them is up to you!

In any case, you are part of Americana, an icon of the open road!  For this reason; full throttle blasts or low and slow cruising on a hot summer night announce you have arrived!

In conclusion, you will look good in any of our biker rings! Check them out here.

G&S Jewelry Mfg Welcomes Third Rock Emporium As A Customer

G&S Jewelry Mfg welcomes Third Rock Emporium as a customer. Located at 75 Main Street, East Greenwich, Rhode Island; Third Rock carries a wide variety of stones, settings, and know how. Mark is an expert on all types of stone. If you need a terrific resource for anyone interested in geology, ask for Mark.

%name G&S Jewelry Mfg Welcomes Third Rock Emporium As A Customer
Third Rock Emporium Logo


Here is their display of jewelry products produced by our company.

Rocks – Stones – Jewelry

GS Jewelry Display at Third Rock Emporium e1494786463567 225x300 G&S Jewelry Mfg Welcomes Third Rock Emporium As A Customer
G&S Jewelry Display at Third Rock Emporium


Please join us in sending best wishes for much success at Third Rock Emporium!

G&S Jewelry Mfg is a small woman owned business with 100% of our operations in the U.S.A.


The Importance of Vacuum Investment Casting

Vacuum is a very important condition for Investment Casting. G&S Jewelry Mfg employs two methods of vacuum investment casting. The first being a closed chamber inert gas automatic casting design. The second is an open air pouring system for large bronze castings.

Vacuum Investment Casting – The Why’s & How’s

Both of these systems employ a vacuum pump to draw the metal to the deepest extent of the mold as possible. The former uses an enclosed system with a perforated flask, while the latter employs a vacuum table with a solid sided flask.  The photo below expressly illustrates the difference.

Flask Comparison 300x225 The Importance of Vacuum Investment Casting
Perforated and Solid Side Flasks


Another key point is the interaction of vacuum and gravity. Because gravity pulls the molten metal when poured.  Vacuum further accelerates the draw of the metal.   With this in mind the combination of these forces will achieve the best possible fill.

Casting Systems – Enclosed vs Open

Rio Grande Neutec J 15 Enclosed Chamber Vacuum Investment Caster e1494782801764 225x300 The Importance of Vacuum Investment Casting
Enclosed Chamber Neutec J-15 Caster


Vacuum Chamber for Neutec J 15 Caster e1494784158823 225x300 The Importance of Vacuum Investment Casting
Sealing Vacuum Chamber for J-15 Above

G&S Jewelry Mfg uses two types of casting systems. An enclosed chamber automatic caster as shown in the two photos above and an open air pouring system as shown below.

Rio Grande Vacuum Table 300x225 The Importance of Vacuum Investment Casting
Vacuum Table for Open Air Pouring

Obviously the difference between the two systems is easy to point out. Inasmuch as some metal tolerate oxygen better than others, the key point is the negative pressure on the flask to draw molten metal. Depending upon vacuum quality and metal superheat, the draw may draw more liquid metal during the period of shrinkage. Shrinkage occurs as the metal changes from the liquid to solid state.

In Summary

Placing a perforated or sealed flask under negative pressure delivers superior casting. Let us work with you to deliver the best possible jewelry castings. This process meets our 100% commitment to sustainable manufacturing. Please contact us here  for more information.

G&S Jewelry Mfg is a small woman owned business with 100% of our facilities in the U.S.A.


Dynamic High Speed Tumbling For Small Size Parts

G&S Jewelry high speed tumbling equipment significantly shortens tumbling time of small parts. Our system is designed by Mass Finishing Inc. located in Howard Lake, MN. Tumbling is a common mass finishing technique employed throughout the metal processing industry. Large and heavy pieces require a long tumbling process, this is understood. In contrast, small parts can be tumbled faster. Likewise customers routinely want their product as soon as possible and they want parts finished equally.

Part Size

The overall dimensions of the part have bearing on what tumbling technique will deliver the best results. Large parts require more care in handling than small parts.  On the other hand small parts fit the high speed process perfectly. The small size and weight reduces part to part impact energy below the critical threshold.

How High Speed Tumbling Works

The high speed tumbling process at G&S Jewelry Mfg is comprised of four tubs rotating in a planetary system. This planetary system in turn rotates around a center axis. As a result, the compound effect creates high velocity of one element to another. The energy creates so much friction that room temperature starting solution can reach 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The schematic drawing below shows how the parts tubs rotate around their center axis while they rotate around the center axis of the drum. Adding together the parts, media and water solution  in each tub; the spinning action creates a high level of interaction in the spinning tub.

High Speed Tumbler Schematic End View Drawing 300x169 Dynamic High Speed Tumbling For Small Size Parts
High Speed Tumbling Schematic End View Drawing

High Speed Tumbling Media

Our high speed tumbling system works with all types of wet media. Cut down impregnated plastic, burnishing and ceramic media all work well in our system.


The resulting finish for small parts really sparkles!

If you have questions on how this process will benefit you, by all means please contact us here for more information.

G&S Jewelry is a small woman-owned business located in Albuquerque, NM

Beads – The 411 on Jewelry Bead Making

Customers and consumers buy alike buy beads by the piece, as part of a piece or by the gross. Here is the 411 on bead making.

Formed Seamless Beads

Beads supplied by W.R. Cobb Company illustrate the beautiful shape, surface finish and consistency of a bead formed from a tube. Their link here illustrates a beautiful 14 karat yellow spherical hollow bead. Customers love the simple elegance of this type of bead. This type of bead by itself or coupled with a pendant is popular regardless of the price of gold. The beauty and value guarantee it will be handed down from generation to generation.

Then again expensive tooling for each bead size will limit the choices. This tooling cost will be spread out over the life of the design making it ideal for high volume applications.

Stamped Beads

Starting with flat sheet, various stamping operations form thin wall beads. Beads stamped into a single half or in a figure-8 double half joined by a thin bridge configuration. Assembly is accomplished by placing the open edges together and soldering or welding then tight. In spite of the soldering step, split type designs have surprisingly diversity for material types and shapes. Specifically, a sterling silver half could readily be matched to a karat gold half to provide color contrast. On the negative side this requires good tooling and/or silversmithing to make an attractive seam.

Stamped Sterling Silver Bead Half 300x225 Beads   The 411 on Jewelry Bead Making
Bead Half Used for Stamped Soldered Beads


Some manufacturers frequently employ sterling silver with higher than the standard 925 silver content when soldering for fear that the overall silver fineness will be below the 925 requirement. This is especially true if the solder used is a low silver content solder of 40 – 56% silver.

Investment Cast Beads

Investment casting is a good alternative for some materials and shapes. Besides being extremely flexible on design, it also lends itself to reasonably high volume production. 3D printing is a fast and elegant way of making custom pieces. On the positive side; a 3D printed master can have surface textures, be of asymmetrical shape and can be produced to eliminate solder assembly. The schematic sketch shows a generic cylindrical design with a substantial through hole for cording. This tube style is frequently employed with other components. In fact,  3 or 4 different part styles often comprise a necklace or bracelet.

3D Printing Cylindrical Master 300x169 Beads   The 411 on Jewelry Bead Making
3D Printed Master For  Manufacturing of Beads

Questions? Please contact us.

Sustainable Manufacturing Improvements

G&S Jewelry Mfg has an active and ongoing sustainable manufacturing program for the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle all of our raw materials.  We have taken additional steps to reduce our water consumption for each piece of jewelry we ship. By reusing our deflasking and media rinse water, our water usage has continued to fall.

In-Line Filtration

This is accomplished by first pumping the water through a filtration system and back into a closed loop recirculation system. The clean, filtered water can be reused directly.  By installing new media separator systems that incorporate their own sump, the job is easier. This is because the water in the sump is readily filtered and reused. The illustration below shows a basic schematic drawing for a closed loop two filter system. Additional filters with smaller and smaller filtration pores can be added in serial format to improve small particle filtration. Filters of the same pore size can be placed in parallel to increase flow if required. Our staff removes the filters and dries them to be shipped to the smelter.


Closed Loop Recycling System Schematic 300x169 Sustainable Manufacturing Improvements


Although this may require some time to remove the metal, it is time well spent. The metal is put back into service as a reclaimed natural resource. The net effect is a reduction in the amount of metals having to be mined, refined and converted into new metals. In a like manner, the less water we use once and pour down the drain is water that can be used elsewhere.

Sustainable Manufacturing = Good Business

Because G&S Jewelry Mfg is located in the high desert of beautiful Albuquerque, NM; where water is a commodity often in short supply, our Reduce, Reuse and Recycle water program is an important part of our sustainable manufacturing plan.  Not only that, but we also believe in being a good corporate neighbor! Moreover, the money we invest in our Reduce, Reuse and Recycle program is money well spent.

If you want more information on our sustainable manufacturing activities; please feel free to contact us at your convenience. We would be very pleased to share with you our valued customers our past and present efforts to reduce our impact on the environment. We want our customers to be assured when they buy our products that we are good stewards of our resources.

G&S Jewelry Mfg is a small woman owned business with 100% of our manufacturing located in the U.S.A.


Experience Matters

Experience matters. How often do we hear that in all phases of life? It is important in jewelry manufacturing as well. The twenty-one full and part-time employees at G&S Jewelry Mfg have over 425 years of combined jewelry experience! This experience stretches through the entire process of cast jewelry manufacturing. Each of our process steps are staffed by personnel with combined experience greater than 15 years. Our steps include:


Wax injection



Clipping and Grinding

Application of Oxidation and Patina


Inlay and Painting


Order Fulfillment


Let us put our 425 years of experience to work for YOU! If interested, contact us here.  G&S Jewelry Mfg has 100% of its manufacturing facilities in the USA. We are a small woman-owned business that specializes in jewelry design, manufacturing and finishing with special emphasis on investment casting.


loga1 Experience Matters
G&S Jewelry Mfg – Albuquerque, NM


Opening G&S Jewelry Design Center is Getting Closer!

The Opening of our G&S Jewelry Design Center is Getting Closer! We have been working on the build-out of our area and have begun moving equipment into the work spaces in preparation for opening our design center to our customers. When open we will have a space to meet with our customers and go over their needs in real time. The technology we will offer will be extensively driven by our CAD programming suite. Our CAD systems will be able to provide:

2D and 3D Renderings of the Finish Part


Illustrate Integration of Piece with Other Parts

Expanding or Reducing Part Dimensions

Close Estimation of Part Volumes

Close Approximation of Final Costs


Once the piece has been approved, the customer can see the means of producing a master by 3D printing or traditional milling.

Finishing and customization will not be overlooked. We will be able to demonstrate to our customers what the piece will look like when laser engraved or etched. This is especially important when selecting fonts designs, font sizes and depths. The tags and earrings below illustrate classic fonts embossed (top) and engraved (bottom) on sterling sheet with a laser etched background of two different patterns fine on top and coarse on the bottom. These examples can give the customer the touch and feel of what the pieces will be when finished.


Laser Engraved Tag 300x225 Opening G&S Jewelry Design Center is Getting Closer!
Laser Engraved & Laser Embossed Tags


Overall we believe that this will be a very positive experience for our customers and foster faster product to market times.


Keep watching this blog for additional announcements as they become available.


100% of G&S Jewelry Mfg manufacturing facilities are located in the U.S.A. We are a small woman owned business dedicated to sustainable manufacturing techniques.




Need Custom Bolo Tips? G&S Jewelry Mfg can help!

If you are designing your own bolo ties and need custom bolo tips, please contact G&S Jewelry Mfg. We produce a wide variety of bolo tips both cast, handmade and hand crafted. We will work with you to develop the initial design using a clean sheet of paper or with our Computer Aided Design software. From there we can evaluate how to produce the piece and give an estimate as to cost including any tooling required. If masters are required, we can provide them either by additive manufacturing 3D printing or by milling them in wax or butterboard.

Depending upon the what you require, a decision will be made as to cast the part, fabricate from sheet and wire or possibly a combination of the two approaches. Once the first articles are approved we can then move swiftly into production.

In some cases a part may be cast, another component stamp and yet another piece hand formed by hand from a sheet of metal. Bringing them all together is the job of the silversmith who will check the fit of each element and go through the steps of soldering them together. After soldering the bolo tip will be inspected to ensure that everything is where it should be and then the part is then sent for finishing to the customer requirements.

DSCN0636 e1493597362253 300x225 Need Custom Bolo Tips? G&S Jewelry Mfg can help!
Lone Star Bolo Tie – With Pewter Bolo Tips

Frequently customers are looking for color variety or possibly a reduction in costs. Here again, G&S Jewelry Mfg has solutions to offer. We can cast the components in a variety of materials including karat gold, sterling silver, several types of bronzes and in pewter. Whether separately or in a composite form, each of these metals will bring their own unique color and corresponding cost to overall picture.

Let our experienced staff work with you and your team to make your custom bolo tip designs come to fruition!


G&S Jewelry Mfg has 100% of it manufacturing facilities located in the USA. We are a small woman owned business focusing on sustainable manufacturing.