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Casting jewelry involves hot metal, multiple steps and requires an attention to detail and artistry to ensure that the end result matches the original vision. This is why G&S Jewelry MFG offers our jewelry casting service. We have the expertise and the tools to get the best result every time. And we keep your designs confidential.

What Does Jewelry Casting Involve?

Most jewelry casting services handle what is called “lost wax” investment casting. The “lost wax” process dates back several thousand years. The first wax employed came from bees wax!  To begin the process of lost wax casting; a model is made of the desired piece. This can be a pre-existing item or from a new design. The wax model or master is produced from the initial artist’s model. The master can be cast directly or used to create a mold.

Once the pieces to be cast are mounted on a tree, the tree is then inserted into a flask. The flask is sealed and an investment mixture is poured around the tree. After the investment is sufficiently hardened, the flasks are inverted either in a steamer or in a kiln to melt the wax. The wax is thus “lost”, hence the derivation of the “lost wax” name.  The flasks are then placed in a programmable kiln where the investment mold is fully fired, leaving it open for the chosen metal to be poured in.

Once the metal has cooled, the flask is immersed in water and subjected to high pressure washing to remove most of investment material. The design will then be clipped from the tree and can proceed to finishing. Casting jewelry requires understanding the melting point of various metals, how to handle material such as silicone and organic rubber, and the design process.

Our Jewelry Casting Service

G&S Jewelry MFG has been providing jewelry casting since 1972. We utilize technological advancements and tried and true methods, including CAD and lost wax casting in the same process. Whatever method will do best to get your jewelry made and result in your satisfaction is the method we’ll choose. Every job is unique and we approach it that way.

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