Choosing the Right Metal for Your Jewelry

Selecting the right metal is the most important part of your custom designed jewelry piece. G&S Jewelry MFG provides a range of metals to let you get exactly what you want for your dream jewelry piece. Combining technological advances with classical metals is what allows us to bring your design to life. We include the most popular metal choices for jewelry today.

Beautiful, Functional and Durable

One of the things to keep in mind when choosing the right metal for your commissioned piece is the purpose of the jewelry. Is this for special occasions only? For daily wear? What kind of lifestyle do you or the recipient live? A metal that’s durable and withstands tarnishing, like gold, works best for a piece that will be worn every day.

For a ring or pendant that will only see usage on special occasions, pewter or sterling silver may create the elegant look you want. We offer:

18 karat gold Copper bronze
14 karat gold Yellow bronze
10 karat gold White bronze
Lead-free pewter Caster’s silicone bronze
Standard .925 sterling silver Tarnish resistant sterling silver


Professional Work, Individual Designs

Since 1972, G&S Jewelry MFG has been using lost wax casting as one of our refined processes to produce the pieces you’ve been dreaming of. Combining advances in technology with time-tested methods and classical materials allows us to take your concept and make it a reality.

With computer-aided design, our expertise in model and mold making, a unique understanding of the process of jewelry making and a dedication to producing the best results every time, we’re able to turn your dreams into reality. Get the pieces you’ve been waiting for and contact us today!

We’ll help you choose just the right metals. Contact us online today!