Green Manufacturing

Green Manufacturing at G&S Jewelry Mfg

Remember when you were a kid and someone would ask you: “What’s your favorite color?” At G&S Jewelry Mfg we have many favorite colors, but we all agree that we love green; as in green manufacturing!

Our Focus

Being that we live in the beautiful, but dry New Mexico climate; water is always a concern. From drought conditions in the worst of years to the normal low humidity, water is always at a premium.


Our Process Technology Roadmap

Because we are an investment caster; our technology roadmap shows water employed in four main areas:

First, water is used to mix with dry Ransom & Randolph investment. Rinsing the mixing machine completes this operation.

Secondly, water cools our vacuum induction casting systems.

Third, we use high pressure water in a blasting cabinet to devest the castings to remove the investm

Fourth, rinse water for tumbling operations to rinse the parts and the media.


Our Remedies

Investment Water – Pumping rinse water to a separation tank using a double diaphragm pump.  The solids settle and the water is filtered for reuse.

Casting System – Acquisition of a recirculating system from Rio Grande.  Water management problem is resolved by delivering cooling water at a consistent temperature and flow rate. At this time we are contemplating purchasing an additional unit for other cooling application. These systems immediately reduce water consumption to nearly zero.

Cooler Mounted on J15 225x300 Green Manufacturing
RC6 Cooler Mounted On J-15 Automatic Vacuum Casting System

Devesting – Generally speaking devesting is the least technical water requirement. Our blasting cabinet is located adjacent to our casting and tumbling areas. Therefore, plumbing of recycled water from a filtered source is simplified.

Serial Filtration 225x300 Green Manufacturing
Removal of Solids From Process Water

Tumbling Operations – Installation of a rinsing part separator with a closed loop water system.

Neutec Wet Part Media Separator e1493575689340 225x300 Green Manufacturing
Neutec Wet-Media Flow Separator


Summing up; Green Manufacturing is good for the environment and results in more “Green” wallet share.  Hence, this is a key part of G&S Jewelry Mfg commitment to sustainable manufacturing. In the long run it is the best for our customers and our industry!

Many Thanks To Rio Grande!

Many Thanks To Rio Grande!

The team at G&S Jewelry Mfg wish to give our heartfelt thanks to our colleagues at Rio Grande for posting a link and an article of our recent World’s Greatest Television appearance.  This program highlighted our abilities in all phases of investment casting of jewelry and was first broadcast on the ION channel in April 2018.

Investment Casting

Rio Grande has been a wonderfully cooperative vendor to our company and an excellent source of equipment, materials and supplies. In addition they are a terrific wealth of knowledge to successfully produce exceptional jewelry.

Rio Grande Neutec J 15 Enclosed Chamber Vacuum Investment Caster e1494782801764 225x300 Many Thanks To Rio Grande!
Enclosed Chamber Neutec J-15 Caster

3D Printing

Based upon a recommendation from Rio Grande; G&S selected a B9 3D printing system. To date it has exceeded our expectations. Our reasons were based upon the following criteria: First it prints masters with smooth surfaces and sharp definition. Second, the software package is user friendly. Third, high speed printing. Furthermore the multiple resolution setting options for printing objects such as tools and fixtures that do not require high resolution. In comparison, other printers are much slower due to their hardware design. Consequently problems may not be recognized for hours. In contrast problems encountered in the B9 are addressed in a much shorter time frame. The designers certainly recognize that “Time is money”

B9 3D Printing 225x300 Many Thanks To Rio Grande!
B9 3D Printer

Laser Engraving

G&S needed to add laser engraving to our capabilities.  As a result we consulted with Rio Grande for their recommendation. Consequently we tested and selected their Neutec LIGHTScribe 20W engraver. It has delivered even more performance than we have anticipated. We have added tooling and fixturing to the platform. As a result our precision and throughput have probably increased by a factor of four.

Light Scribe Laser Engraver 225x300 Many Thanks To Rio Grande!
Neutec LIGHTScribe 20W Engraver

High Speed Part Separation

Our business growth dictated a need for a high speed part separation tool.  Once again the tech team at Rio Grande provided us guidance to a solution. Their part separator allows us prompt separation of charms, links, and beads. Finally it thoroughly rinses the media in an enclosed bin for ease of handling and restoration. To their basic system we have added a water filtration and recycling system. This system captures the metal bearing effluent. This effluent is then dried and sent out to a smelter for recovery. Most noteworthy for us desert dwellers, the water usage is significantly reduced.

Neutec Wet Part Media Separator e1493575689340 225x300 Many Thanks To Rio Grande!
Neutec Wet-Media Flow Separator


Rio Grande has been a terrific company to work with in all areas of investment casting jewelry manufacture. We appreciate their sincere interest and support of our business activities. Therefore we can recommend them without reservation to all jewelry manufacturers big and small.


Our Biker Rings Are Ready To Ride

Our Biker Rings Are Ready To Ride! Summer is right around the corner. That means it’s time to gear up for the open road. Short pipes, V-Twins and two wheels. Heaven on earth.

Our Biker Rings Mean Business

Silver plated silicon bronze construction means durability for the open road.  Inlay with enamel or stone, whatever your taste. We have many styles to choose from, so you will have a bunch of happy bikers! Here are a few of our most popular styles!


BR74 1 Our Biker Rings Are Ready To Ride
Silver Plated Maltese Cross Biker Ring


BR110 1 Our Biker Rings Are Ready To Ride
BIKER Ring Leaves No Doubt

Our state-of-the-art equipment delivers excellent investment castings. The Neutec division of Rio Grande supplies much of the precision equipment used in our facility. Incidentally they are a terrific resource for information about casting and jewelry making.

Grinding, tumbling and polishing of the castings completes the casting process. Afterward silver plating and inlay complete the process and return a beautiful ring that will last a long time. Of course competitive stainless steel rings are cheaper. Because they are stainless steel, they don’t have the same shine as a result.

Our Biker Rings – Made in the USA

Regrettably, overseas  manufacturers produce these stainless steels rings. Ironically these rings are often copies of our copyrighted designs! In fact, ALL of our biker rings are made in the USA. As a consequence we can be easily reached.

Whether worn on the first, second, third or fourth fingers; flashing fellow bikers on the down low brings more prestige. Be that as it may, ultimately how you wear them is up to you!

In any case, you are part of Americana, an icon of the open road!  For this reason; full throttle blasts or low and slow cruising on a hot summer night announce you have arrived!

In conclusion, you will look good in any of our biker rings! Check them out here.

The Importance of Vacuum Investment Casting

Vacuum is a very important condition for Investment Casting. G&S Jewelry Mfg employs two methods of vacuum investment casting. The first being a closed chamber inert gas automatic casting design. The second is an open air pouring system for large bronze castings.

Vacuum Investment Casting – The Why’s & How’s

Both of these systems employ a vacuum pump to draw the metal to the deepest extent of the mold as possible. The former uses an enclosed system with a perforated flask, while the latter employs a vacuum table with a solid sided flask.  The photo below expressly illustrates the difference.

Flask Comparison 300x225 The Importance of Vacuum Investment Casting
Perforated and Solid Side Flasks


Another key point is the interaction of vacuum and gravity. Because gravity pulls the molten metal when poured.  Vacuum further accelerates the draw of the metal.   With this in mind the combination of these forces will achieve the best possible fill.

Casting Systems – Enclosed vs Open

Rio Grande Neutec J 15 Enclosed Chamber Vacuum Investment Caster e1494782801764 225x300 The Importance of Vacuum Investment Casting
Enclosed Chamber Neutec J-15 Caster


Vacuum Chamber for Neutec J 15 Caster e1494784158823 225x300 The Importance of Vacuum Investment Casting
Sealing Vacuum Chamber for J-15 Above

G&S Jewelry Mfg uses two types of casting systems. An enclosed chamber automatic caster as shown in the two photos above and an open air pouring system as shown below.

Rio Grande Vacuum Table 300x225 The Importance of Vacuum Investment Casting
Vacuum Table for Open Air Pouring

Obviously the difference between the two systems is easy to point out. Inasmuch as some metal tolerate oxygen better than others, the key point is the negative pressure on the flask to draw molten metal. Depending upon vacuum quality and metal superheat, the draw may draw more liquid metal during the period of shrinkage. Shrinkage occurs as the metal changes from the liquid to solid state.

In Summary

Placing a perforated or sealed flask under negative pressure delivers superior casting. Let us work with you to deliver the best possible jewelry castings. This process meets our 100% commitment to sustainable manufacturing. Please contact us here  for more information.

G&S Jewelry Mfg is a small woman owned business with 100% of our facilities in the U.S.A.


Welcome New Customers!

We often get so busy that we don’t thank our customers enough especially those new customers that have found us through advertising or word of mouth. On behalf the staff of G&S Jewelry Mfg; we wish to thank you for the opportunity to do business with our company. From design to prototype through full production with many of the supporting services we can offer, we want to be your jewelry caster. We are small woman-owned family business. We depend upon our customers and we will do our best to make you happy.


We look forward to much success together in the coming years.

GS Company Logo 12 29 14 Welcome New Customers!
G&S Jewelry Mfg

G&S Jewelry Development Center Coming Soon!

G&S Jewelry Mfg will be completing the construction of their Jewelry Development Center soon! We will be providing a digital tour and list of all of the equipment and resources we will be bringing on-line or integrating into our systems.

We believe this will help our customers’ in their desire to bring their vision to reality in a very rapid way. Keep watching this blog for further announcements!

G&S Jewelry Mfg is a small woman-owned business with all of its manufacturing in the USA.


Start Your Own Bronze Age With G&S Jewelry Mfg!

Bronze Age

1. The time in civilization when tin and copper were combined metallurgical to make bronze implements.

2. The time when you decided to add bronze to your design portfolio!

Yes, you can add color and diversity to your jewelry portfolio. G&S Jewelry Mfg employs four different types of bronzes for our investment casting process. These bronze are available in four different chemistries that each have their own distinct color. The photo below shows the color of polished grain prior to melting.


Colored Bronze Palette e1492215534193 300x225 Start Your Own Bronze Age With G&S Jewelry Mfg!
Four Types of Bronze Alloys

The finished product can be tumble finished to a highly polished surface, satin look or a matte finish. Patinas can readily be applied to bronze to impart different shades of color.

Let us work with you to apply these metals and help you start your own Bronze Age! Contact us for a quote!

G&S Jewelry Mfg is a small woman owned business with 100% of their facilities in the USA.


G&S Jewelry Mfg – Your One Stop Sterling Silver Casting Partner

G&S Jewelry Mfg offers our customers a one stop solution to sterling silver investment casting! Here is a short summary of what we can provide in terms of products and services:

Products – Earrings, Pendants, Charms, Bracelets, Bolos, Belt Buckles, Belt Tips, Rings, Pins and Concho Components

DSCN0617 300x225 G&S Jewelry Mfg   Your One Stop Sterling Silver Casting Partner
Irish Knot Ring

Services – Design & Mastering, Mold Making, Wax Injection, Vacuum Investment Casting, 3 Stage Tumbling, Hand Buffing, Silversmithing, Assembly, Inlay, Laser Welding, Laser Engraving and Antiquing.

3D Printing a Master Piece 300x225 G&S Jewelry Mfg   Your One Stop Sterling Silver Casting Partner
G&S 3D Printing System Growing A Cylindrical Design

We can work with you from a hand drawn sketch to a complete set of tools and everything in between!

G&S Jewelry Mfg is also a very green casting company! We have reduced our water consumption and effluent discharges considerably and will continue our programs for reduction, recycle and reuse. We want to be a market leader in sustainable manufacturing.

GS Recycling Logo 225x300 G&S Jewelry Mfg   Your One Stop Sterling Silver Casting Partner
G&S Jewelry Mfg Is Serious About Recycling

G&S Jewelry Mfg is a small woman owned business with our operations solely in the USA.

We hope that you will give us the opportunity to work with you to make your designs a reality!


Composite Jewelry Designs – Add Color and Value

Joining two or metals together in your jewelry designs add color, contrast and ultimately value to your designs! There are many different ways to do this. The most common ways are:

Mechanically – Linking pieces together via a jump ring, clasp, swaging or a clamping device.

Soldering – Using a metal solder by pre-placing the parts with a solder beneath or along the edges to permanently join the parts together.

Infiltration – This process entails casting a piece with a high melting point first, re-investing this first piece back into a flask and casting a lower melting point alloy to “infiltrate” the piece already in place.

These various methods of adding color are suited for a wide range of applications.

We have worked with our customers to join the following combinations:

Karat Gold to Sterling

Sterling to Different Color Bronzes

Bronze to Different Color Bronze

Pewter to Bronze

Pewter to Stainless Steel

Pewter to Nickel Silver


During finishing; various patinas can be added that will color one metal and not react with another. This contrast in colors can be further enhanced in this way.

From a practical standpoint, its possible to place small amounts of an expensive precious metal onto a lower cost precious metal back or a non precious metal back to present the piece at a lower overall cost than otherwise made homogeneously with a high cost metal.

If you have ideas that you want us to consider contact us for more information!

G&S Jewelry Mfg is a small woman-owned business located in Albuquerque, NM

3D Printing Larger Pieces With Good Detail

3D printing is a fabulous tool for the designer. However, when pieces increase in size, detail can be lost if the software and hardware driving the printer cannot be adjusted. Reducing the “step” in the printing process means going to a higher resolution. To do this the software needs to have higher resolution settings available and the computer used enough memory to accommodate having the need for density in the lines. The phot below shows the finish object which is over 1.2″ tall and greater than 1.4″ from chin to back of the head.

3D Printed Skull 300x225 3D Printing Larger Pieces With Good Detail
3D Printed Skull With High Resolution

The videos show close-ups of the progress of the printing process from about 3/4 finished to just before the printing completed.

3D Skull Video 1

3D Skull Video Finish

The detail is very visible in these videos. As the part size was increased from a small part to a larger overall dimension, the resolution was increased so that the finish is smooth and the details sharp.

We will be moving from this plastic master to a investment bronze cast piece which will then be cleaned up and then molded so that many more pieces can be cast.

Let us help you reach your design goals and aspirations! G&S is a small woman owned business located in Albuquerque, NM