Computer-Aided Design (CAD) in Albuquerque

Jewelry design is a precise art that requires close attention to detail and a steady hand. For pieces that require mathematically correct angles or lines that the human hand may not be able to accurately create, computer-aided design steps in. G&S Jewelry MFG utilizes computer-aided design to bring your ideas to life with amazing precision.

What Does Computer-Aided Design Mean for Jewelry?

For organic pieces with flowing lines, hand-carved models are ideal. However, when you want something precise and specific, computer-aided design allows for much greater detailing and measurement. The computer programs help to create clean lines, accurate angles and allow for much faster adjustment to the design. With three-dimensional capability, computer-aided design can let you see what the final jewelry design will look like. Computer models also allow for detailed cost analysis before a master is produced.

Some things are just impossible to accurately create by hand. Computer-aided design takes that struggle away from the process. Now we have the technology to make any dream into reality. Your jewelry design can be mapped, planned and created with this assistance.

Protecting Jewelry Designs

You want your individual designs to remain unique to you. G&S Jewelry MFG keeps computer files, models and all related items confidential. If you’re designing a custom engagement ring, you won’t have to fear seeing the same ring on someone else. If your business hinges on unique designs, you don’t have to worry about someone stealing those ideas. We’ll help you create what you’ve been visualizing and keep it secure.

With the creative potential available with computer-aided design, we can make gold, silver, pewter and more into the pieces you’ve been imagining. Contact us today and we’ll start making your jewelry design into a reality.

We’ll put computers to work for your ideal design. Contact us online today!