Hand-Carved Models Available in Albuquerque

As part of the jewelry creation process, molds are made for the casting process. These jewelry models form the basis of the piece you will be treasuring for years to come. G&S Jewelry MFG combines the advantages of technology with the attention to detail that hand-carved models offer. You’ll see a three-dimensional version of your piece before casting takes place and be able to give feedback immediately.

Jewelry Molds and Hand-Carved Models

The completed design is only one step of the process. Once we know precisely what we’ll be making, the next step is to create a jewelry mold, and that involves a wax model to create a mold around. Both computer-aided design (CAD) and hand-carved models are available; we’ll help you choose which version would be best for your piece.

A block of wax is used to create the hand-carved model; the artist consults the design and turns the wax into a three-dimensional model of the finished product. For an organic design and a wholly unique piece, this can be the best option. Complete originality from beginning to end results in a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. You’ll be able to view the hand-carved models before casting begins, and adjustments are easy to make.

Confidential Handling of Jewelry Models

G&S Jewelry MFG knows that a design with a special purpose and significance is something you don’t want spread around. Your ideas are safe with us. Since 1972, we’ve been helping people turn ideas into reality with hand-carved jewelry models, our lost wax casting process and our attention to detail in the finishing stage.

Our hand-carved models aren’t only for precious metals; you can have bronze and pewter pieces cast from our jewelry models. Bring your idea to life and contact us today to begin.

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