Hand Buffed Jewelry Available in Albuquerque

Not every piece of jewelry can be polished by machine alone. Technology has progressed in leaps and bounds, but techniques like hand buffing still have their place. G&S Jewelry MFG combines technological advances with time-tested methods, such as hand buffing jewelry. Our dedication to providing the best possible end result includes taking whatever steps are necessary to create exactly what you wanted.

What is Hand Buffing?

Most jewelry is finished via mass machine finishing. The polished finish is the most popular for jewelry today, and it can be created with a tumbler. This commonly hones away any minor imperfections left after the casting process and creates a hard, shiny finish. But what if your design is delicate? Or there are a few spots where a machine finish just can’t reach?

Hand buffing jewelry is the answer to that. With individual attention from an artisan, the piece is examined for flaws as it’s buffed with polishing compounds. Any flaws can be addressed immediately during the inspection that buffing involves. If your piece has protrusions that machine finishing could damage, we’ll take the extra time to hand buff your jewelry. The result? A piece of wearable art.

Why We Use Multiple Methods

Finishing a piece of jewelry is the final step before you see it. We want you to feel that the finished product replicates the outcome you expected. This is why we adjust our processes to suit every job. If electroplating is what your piece needs, that’s what we’ll do. If you need 10-karat white gold, that’s what we’ll provide. The point is to do whatever’s necessary to bring the design you’ve dreamt of to life, and G&S Jewelry MFG has been doing it since 1972.

Trust your dream design to us and contact us today to get started on owning your own wearable art!

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