A Machine Finish for Albuquerque’s Jewelry

Technology makes a lot of things easier, including finishing jewelry. A machine finish is reliably even, shiny and evens out microscopic variations in the metal. It also doesn’t damage the piece, and that’s one reason G&S Jewelry MFG utilizes a machine finish when appropriate for the end result. We work with you, beginning with the design process, to adjust our process to suit your unique piece. Everyone has a different end result in mind; we’re flexible enough to help you achieve it.

What a Machine Finish Involves

Depending on the end result desired, a machine finish can involve different types of media—tumbling material—as well as speed and duration of tumbling. One of the media used, stainless steel, create a very hard, very shiny surface. For a high luster without the same level of shine, a corn cob or walnut shell media is often used.

The unfinished jewelry pieces are placed in a tumbler with the media. As the tumbler moves, the jewelry pieces are rubbed against the sides, each other and the media. This friction removes any surface flaws, polishes the metal and produces the shiny surface desired. With a machine finish, the amount of manual labor is greatly reduced. It’s a time-saver that works well for a large number of simple pieces.

Choosing the Right Method

The finish desired is chosen at the design stage. When conceptualizing the finished piece, we work with you to ensure every aspect is covered. This includes the finish—shiny, matte, antique, enameled, etc.—and when we reach that stage, we choose the method that will give the best end result. G&S Jewelry MFG adjusts our processes to suit your piece; we combine technology with time-tested methods to ensure your wearable art is just what you wanted.

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