The Elegance of the Satin Finish is Available in Albuquerque

Do you love the color of a metal but you don’t like a finish that constantly catches the light? The satin finish may be exactly what your piece needs. G&S Jewelry MFG understands the necessity of choosing the right finish for the right piece. This is why we begin the selection process at the design stage. When you want something that’s elegant and understated, the satin finish is a popular choice.

What is the Satin Finish?

The polished finish is the most commonly chosen; it’s extremely shiny and reflective. If you love the color of gold or silver but you don’t want a tangible texture, the satin finish is the perfect balance between polished and brushed. Smooth to the touch, the satin finish offers the color of the metal and the smoothness of a polished finish with the hazy appearance of a brushed finish.

If the piece becomes scratched or damaged, this finish is less likely to show the result. A polished finish will show every scratch and ding; a satin finish will hold the appearance much longer without normal wear and tear compromising it.

Why Offer Different Finishes?

Every piece is unique. When you come to G&S Jewelry MFG, you have an idea that you want to see brought to fruition. We need to be ready to accommodate what your vision is, and since 1972, we’ve focused on doing just that. Combining technological advances with time-tested processes, we have the expertise you need to create the wearable art you want.

From satin finishes to professionally handled white gold casting, we know how to help you make dreams reality. Contact us today to begin!

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