Laser Welding Used in Albuquerque

Technology provides new tools and new techniques to handle problems, and at G&S Jewelry MFG, we believe in combining both time-tested methods and technological advances to give you the best end product. When delicate welding work is necessary, some of the traditional methods may leave rough edges or unsightly beads. That’s why we’ve included laser welding as part of our available processes.

What is Laser Welding?

Traditional welding involves a blowtorch or electric arc to heat metal surfaces to the melting point. These surfaces are then united by hammering or pressing. This turns two pieces of metal into one permanently; the joined surface is smoothed until the weld is incorporated as a permanent piece of the metal.

Laser welding utilizes a laser instead of the traditional torches. The smaller focus and high cooling rates allows for extremely precise welding. This is especially useful in jewelry repair. The last thing you want is a prong on a family engagement ring repaired only to have the ring itself completely ruined by poor welding!

New Technology, Classic Dedication

G&S Jewelry MFG combines the time-honored tradition of a devoted craftsman with the latest advancements in technology. Lost wax casting, computer-aided design, hand-carved 3D models and laser welding all come together under skilled hands to bring your dream designs to life.

Sterling silver, gold, bronze and pewter can all be shaped into the piece you’ve been waiting for. Contact us today to start the first step in the complex process that we’ll undergo on your behalf to give you the jewelry piece you’ve been waiting for!

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