Albuquerque’s Best Model Making Selection

You’ve decided on a jewelry design, and now you need to proceed to the next step. What’s the best option—CAD or hand-carved models? G&S Jewelry MFG doesn’t recommend one over the other; we choose the model making option that will produce the best results. With both choices available, as well as a variety of casting and finishing options, we can create the jewelry you’ve been waiting for.

Why Have Multiple Methods for Jewelry Models?

Every design is unique. Making two engagement rings or two separate pendants may involve the same steps of the process, but the items and designs are completely different. We choose the model making option that will create the best end product. If an organic, fluid piece is what you want, we’ll recommend the hand-crafted model. For something with a specific appearance or that needs very sharp, precise lines, computer-aided design is better.

We don’t choose the model making option that will be ‘easier’ but recommend based on the piece and what you want for the finished product. The goal is to create exactly what you’ve had in mind, not to get the jewelry made as quickly as possible.

Quality from Model to Finish

Confidential work done with an eye for detail and only producing quality results—this is what G&S Jewelry MFG has been offering since 1972. Keeping up with technology only gives us more ways to turn your designs into wearable art. White gold, yellow gold, pink gold, sterling silver and other metals are all available. We know how to handle each and what recommendations to make to ensure you get the best result from your jewelry model.

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