Making Albuquerque’s Jewelry Molds

Just as different methods of model making are good for different designs, so are different types of jewelry molds. There is no ‘one style fits all’ for custom jewelry design and creation; G&S Jewelry MFG utilizes whatever method will work best to turn your ideal design into a beautiful piece of wearable art.

Variety in Jewelry Molds

With the capability to handle any type needed—from silicone to room temperature vulcanizing (RTV) mold making—we’re prepared to accommodate your design with the best materials for the highest quality result.

Creating jewelry molds involves a model being created out of metal, clay or wax. This model is then covered with the mold material, such as silicone in silicone mold making, and then cured. Clay and wax masters required a low temperature curing material. This requires RTV. Metal masters such as silver, copper or brass can be molded in any mold material. Once the mold has cured it can then be used to inject waxes for subsequent investing.

Silicone mold making is more durable than RTV. For a series of identical pieces or simple things like plain bands, bracelets and simple chains, these molds can be used time and again.

Silicone Mold Making, Lost Wax Casting and More

G&S Jewelry MFG has been refining the custom jewelry making process since 1972. We have the tools and experience to take your design and bring it to life. Because we make numerous versions of your idea—jewelry molds, models, etc.—we focus on confidentiality. You don’t want your unique idea to be utilized without your permission; we ensure that doesn’t happen.

With silicone mold making, lost wax casting, different types of finishing and decades of experience, we’re able to guide you from design to finished product. Contact us today and see the process in action!

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