The Benefit of Rubber Molds for Albuquerque’s Jewelry

Every piece is different, and depending on the metal you want, the level of detail and the number of pieces, we may recommend organic molds. Natural rubber is resilient and reusable, so we can create those club rings you’ve ordered without losing detail from piece to piece. G&S Jewelry MFG never uses the same method for every piece; we tailor our process to suit your individual needs.

Rubber Mold Selection

The strength of a rubber mold is in the high tear and tensile strength. These types of molds can also last for years and are extremely reusable. These rubber molds have been the industry standard for decades.

If you want a large number of the same item, we recommend more than one mold be prepared with the same master. These molds are lined up and injected sequentially so that they all will see the same length in service. Strong, flexible and reusable, rubber molds will be able to produce identical models time after time. This means you’ll get a finished product every time. The tenth ring will look identical to the first ring without any flaws introduced by the mold process.

Customized for You

G&S Jewelry MFG has followed the same steps in jewelry creation since 1972, but we never do the same thing twice. Every piece is unique and we take that into account. A hand-carved model will work for one ring, but another would be best if CAD was used. Rubber molds will let us make a series of club rings or pendants, but a silicone mold might be best for an individual gift.

With our tools and expertise, we’re able to customize our process to suit your image. From design to finishing, we ensure that you’re aware of the progress being made and you’re satisfied with the results. Contact us today and we’ll start bringing your dream to life!

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