Qualified Silversmithing for Albuquerque

The art of working metal has been around for thousands of years, and silversmithing in particular has had an unbroken tradition going back throughout history and across multiple civilizations. And now you can get the high quality expertise in silver that you’ve needed for your ideal piece by working with G&S Jewelry MFG.

The Importance of Silversmithing

One of the benefits of working with silver is that the metal itself is extremely malleable. This means it can be manipulated easily, and with it being cheaper than gold, it’s popular for jewelry and decorative items alike. A professional silversmith—like those available at G&S Jewelry MFG—can produce more than just jewelry.

Silversmithing lends itself to creating flatware, table settings, decorative sculpture and jewelry. Even smaller tasks like ring sizing and adding posts to earrings is part of the job. With the availability of mass-produced items, silversmithing isn’t as readily available as an art form any longer. This is why we pride ourselves on having qualified silversmiths that can turn your ideas into a tangible reality.

Quality Craftsmanship, Every Time

From computer-aided design to lost wax casting, G&S Jewelry MFG is prepared to use time-tested methods and technological advances in creating your commissioned pieces. Whatever artistic process would offer the best results is what we’ll use to bring your imagined pieces to life. If you want professional silversmithing, hand-crafted models and attention to every detail, you’ve come to the right place.

Contact us today to start having your design brought to life under the hands of a professional silversmith and enjoy the results of our dedication to reliable quality service.

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