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Albuquerque Jewelry Design-Jewelry Casting: Offering jewelry design, casting and finishing services to businesses and individuals throughout New Mexico, G&S Jewelry MFG is Albuquerque’s trusted jewelry.

Lost Wax-Casting Jewelry: Lost wax casting is one of the most commonly used methods for casting jewelry. G&S Jewelry MFG has practiced this technique to perfection.

Lead Free Pewter Metals-Wide Variety Metals: At G&S Jewelry MFG, we provide a wide range of metals for you to choose from, including gold, sterling silver, bronze and lead-free pewter.

Albuquerque Best Technique: Use the best technique for the piece; that’s what G&S Jewelry MFG does—we choose based on what you need, not what everyone else does.

Albuquerque Jewelry Designers-Wearable Art: Over seven thousand years old, jewelry design is one of the most enduring art forms. G&S Jewelry MFG can take your sketch and turn it into wearable art, or work with you to create the piece you want.

Computer Aided Design-Technology Jewelry: Technology and centuries-old processes meet in computer-aided design. G&S Jewelry MFG uses computer-aided design to get your jewelry concept just right.

Albuquerque Casting-Hand Carved Wax Molds: We want you to know what you’re getting every step of the way. This is why G&S Jewelry MFG creates hand-carved wax molds as part of the lost wax casting process; you’ll see exactly what you’re going to get.

Albuquerque Design Ideas: Turn your ideas into reality! Use our customer inquiry form and submit your design ideas and G&S Jewelry MFG will help you make that dream an actuality.

Beautiful Jewelry-Catalog Orders: Do you just want a beautiful piece of jewelry made now? Try G&S Jewelry MFG’s catalog option to place your orders!

Albuquerque Laser Welding: Even the most delicate pieces can be constructed if you know what you’re doing. G&S Jewelry MFG uses laser welding to ensure you get exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Jewelry Molds-Mold Making: With the ability to use jewelry molds, G&S Jewelry MFG is able to create pieces faster and without error. We don’t need to hand-sculpt every ring band or bracelet when we can utilize jewelry molds to make your pieces.

Traditional Durable Reusable Molds: Durable, flexible and reusable, rubber molds have been the most commonly used choice. G&S Jewelry MFG is on the cutting-edge but uses traditional methods as well.

Albuquerque Variety Jewelry-Jewelry Finishes: At G&S Jewelry MFG, we offer a wide variety of finishes to complete your piece.

Machine Finish Wearable Art: One of the best options for a shiny finish on multiple pieces, G&S Jewelry MFG offers machine finishing for your wearable art.

Albuquerque Hand Buffing: When your piece needs that extra attention, G&S Jewelry MFG will devote extra time to applying those special touches, like hand buffing.

Albuquerque Satin Finish: Bringing the color of the metal into prominence without a brilliant shine is where the satin finish works best. G&S Jewelry MFG knows how to create the most popular finishes, including satin.

Qualified Albuquerque Silversmithing : With the different uses of silver and gold throughout the centuries, silversmithing became its own specialty. G&S Jewelry MFG has qualified silversmithing available.