You Design It – Charms and Bracelets

G&S Jewelry Mfg is pleased to announce our new You Design It – Charms and Bracelets project! We wish to extend our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities to you our valued customer.

You Design It – Charms and Bracelets

Our Computer Aided Design (CAD), Model Master and 3D Printing  along with our Laser Engraving tools deliver a broad array of tools for the designer to put their unique interests on a piece of jewelry.

By and large most of our customers have artistic abilities in hand working, graphic arts and the tools to work on their own.  Above all they know in their mind’s eye what they want. In the same way, they may have limits on moving from ideation or concept to a prototype. By the same token the gap between a prototype to full scale production is the limiting constraint.

As a result of these gaps; G&S Jewelry Mfg created their own design center. All things considered, this approach offers our customers significant leveraging of dedicated equipment worth thousands of dollars. In other words, our design studio is your design studio!

Advances in digital communication and useful tools such as video conferencing and mobile communication allow for “face-to-face” meetings thousands of miles away. Accordingly, you can access us and our capabilities to see a 3D rendering or a laser engraving in real time. Of course you can always visit our facility, but the speed of business is increased considerably in this manner.

You design it – charms and bracelets works in several ways. A single piece for a custom requirement, a master for molding or full scale manufacturing. This is dependent on the nature of the piece, the materials involved and anticipated volume requirement.

Tools of Our Trade

The video link below illustrates our Neutec LightScribe laser engraving system can provide on a sterling bracelet blank.

Your Unique Design Here Video of Display

Laser LightScribe Machine Panel Photo 300x225 You Design It – Charms and Bracelets

Neutec LightScribe 20W Laser Engraving Machine

Finally, realization of reduced design costs.

We are a small woman owned manufacturing company with 100% of our manufacturing operations in the USA.

Questions? Contact us here we would be very pleased to help.

Designing for Mold Shrinkage

One the often overlooked areas that designers and casters need to consider closely is the amount of shrinkage imparted by molding materials. Generally speaking there are two types of molding materials; Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) and Silicone Rubber. The former is a pourable molding material that cures as the name implies at room temperature. The latter covers a number of different rubber compositions, all of which are cured at elevated temperature.

RTV molds can be made from many different types of masters. Metal, plastic, organic, and wax can all be molded as the rubber will not heat the master to distort the design. Silicone rubber is generally limited to metals and is most commonly molded around inexpensive materials such as bronze.

For pendants, earrings, bracelets and pins of a monolithic all metal construction; shrinkage is not ordinarily a problem to deal with. However, when there is assembly post cast of stones, links, tight dimension sleeves and so forth, shrink can be a real issue as the cast pieces may too small to fit calibrated or machined elements.

This can be further complicated by multiple serial moldings. This would be the case where a RTV mold is used with a wax master to create a metal master. The metal master is silicone rubber molded, then parts are cast to make a pewter mold. The shrinkage encountered is non linear.

As an aside, if any of the parts will be plated, the thickness of the plate, be it on the inside or outside of the piece will also impact sizes and any assembly subsequent requirements.

Here is a quick reference list for mold shrinkage:

Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV): <0.1% linear shrinkage  – Source: Zero D Products

Silicone Rubber: 0% to 2.8% depending upon grade. More information on leading particulars for each grade can be found at:

For Pewter Molding the published shrink ranges from 1.3% to 1.8% depending upon the grade of rubber. Zero D outlines their offering here:

These shrinkage rates are in the mold. Metal will also shrink as it transitions from liquid to solid. The amount of superheat in the metal and composition of the metal will impact the amount of shrink in the metal. This will be covered under a different post soon.

G&S Jewelry Mfg is a small, woman owned business. Our cast products are 100% made in the USA. We look forward to working with our customers towards a successful development of their designs.